TV Global Enterprises Limited (TVGE) is excited to announce that our new and improved website is online.

From updating the underlying visual assets to re-thinking the textual messaging, the refreshed website aims to showcase TVGE’s technologies and Executive Management biographies. It is also an indication of the company’s response to the growing interest and innovation in the online gaming and gambling space.

The new site includes changes to the navigation, an improved structure of content and quick access when viewing the site on mobile devices. The changes come in response to feedback received from users and site viewers, and is designed to allow for better fluidity of data.

Among a number of other changes, TV Global added new sections to provide a more complete picture of what’s happening internally, as well as in the industry. Most notably, a ’News’ section was created to constantly provide helpful information, business articles, infographics and company announcements.

“TVGE is anticipating growth for the rest of 2019 and is planning for even more growth in 2020. The improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on our site will play an integral roll in our growth and improve the visibility of our site,” said Bob Greer, Director of Corporate Communications, TV Global Enterprises Limited.

Feedback is very important to us. To share your questions, comments, or concerns contact us on our various social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or you can send us an email at