Betcris is a leading gaming platform for a good reason. It has been able to develop a successful model that is attractive to gamblers while not breaking the bank, and the company continues to see expansion across the Latin American (LatAm) region because of it. Offering sports gambling, online casino games and much more, it is poised to be the largest successful operator across South and Central America and, looking at how gambling is taking hold of the region, is going to find tremendous success.

Across all of LatAm, gambling has become a serious part of countries’ activities. Revenue continues to increase for both public and state-run gambling operations, and leading the way in all gaming categories is Argentina. The country has 230 brick-and-mortar casinos, 45 sports betting kiosks, and a plethora of other gambling platforms, including nine state-run lotteries.

Mexico isn’t too far behind, offering 170 retail casinos and 28 sports gambling kiosks. Mobile casinos have become popular, with 25 now being offered, and seven government-offered lotteries are helping to give the country an important boost.

Panama is doing well, also. There are 91 physical casinos in the country, as well as 25 sports betting kiosks. An array of mobile casino apps, bingo halls and cardrooms can be found across the country, and the Panamanian government offers six state-run lotteries.

In terms of overall percentages of the LatAm gaming revenue, Betcris has found itself in a substantially solid position. In Argentina, it controls 52% of the gaming revenue, while its operations in Mexico amount to 30%. Elsewhere, activity in Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Panama also contributes to the total revenue for the region. Panama represents 8%, Uruguay provides 6%, Colombia, 2% and Brazil, 0.2%. The last could change and could become a huge market if the country decides to legalize more gambling operations – a measure that is currently being addressed by legislators.

Betcris is involved in all of these, as well as others. With an established presence in these countries, as well as in Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and more, it is definitely able to rightfully assert that it is in a great position to control the market throughout the LatAm region, which is good news for gamblers. Not only does it demonstrate the strength of the company, but it also shows that Betcris has been able to find support at a local regulatory level and comply with the laws and regulations established in each of the countries.