Once a company realizes that it is succeeding in its market, it will look for ways to continue to grow in order to satisfy the needs of people who interact with or use its product or services. This is true of any business with aspirations of becoming the go-to brand of its customers, and TV Global Enterprises understands the concept all too well. The parent company of Latin America’s gaming leader, Betcris, has now brought on board a new Brand Management firm to help it strengthen and refresh its brand identity to appeal to new and existing customers.

proquoᵃⁱ is a Brand Management firm with offices in Philadelphia, London and Johannesburg. proquoᵃⁱ specializes in delivering brand growth strategies which enable companies to strengthen their relationships with people – essentially, improving the brand’s quid pro quo. As the name also suggests, the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to fuel the platform, helping brands improve their competitive position in market by providing specific and actionable guidance.

This new relationship will help Betcris determine, through advanced research and market analysis, where to focus its resources to help the platform’s continuous expansion, as well as to provide consumers with the gaming solution that best suits their wishes and needs. As with any task of this magnitude, there is a lot of data that has to be processed and analyzed, and a lot of information dissected before decisions can be made on what steps to take next. From there, TV Global Enterprises and Betcris will begin to implement the changes rapidly to continue its industry-dominating gaming activities.

Aurélien Lohrer, Chief Marketing Officer for Betcris, explains, “For years, Betcris has always put services and trading at the heart of its strategy, but with the evolution of players’ expectations, such as more competitors, mainly from Europe, new technology and mobile-first, has now invested a lot of resources in product development to always put the customer at the center of attention. It was necessary to support this evolution by refreshing the image, the perception and the position of the brand on the different markets in which we operate. The new blue main color of the brand is more trendy and modern and our users will find their experiences with us more pleasant on both desktop and mobile devices.”

Betcris understands that every customer has different needs, requiring a bespoke and specific marketing approach. TV Global Enterprises aims to gain a deeper understanding of the customer they are targeting. Its aim has to be specific and should be tailored to address the requirements of each and every individual customer. Furthermore, through the data collected, TV Global Enterprises can gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, as well as the requirements for discovering valuable segments that would return maximum profits. This way, the company can strategize its marketing techniques more efficiently and minimize the possibility of risk to their investment.

proquoai, founded in 2012, has a robust and eclectic group of employees that helps it achieve success for the company’s clients. More than just a small group of Brand Management experts, proquoai has in-house Human Science and AI specialists, Machine Scientists, Developers, as well as Business Development experts. Coupled with its marketing professionals and strong executive leadership, the company’s arsenal includes a versatile network of talent that can help any business achieve greater results.

“Betcris is learning every day from its markets, customers, partners and employees, and aims to become a reference and the leading brand across Latam with consistent communication supported by major partnerships,” adds Lohrer. “Betcris is fun, exciting and confident; why would players bet anywhere else?”


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