TV Global Enterprises (TVGE), the company that is changing the face of global gaming, is in the process of ramping up its social communication options. The objective is to provide a better, well-rounded source of information about the company and the gaming industry, giving interested individuals and companies easier access to important data that is driving the gambling space. 

Its latest addition comes by way of a new YouTube channel. Videos that cover a variety of gaming activity, including updates on TVGE, product development, the industry and TVGE subsidiaries, will be made available, providing a unique and solid perspective on how gaming is changing. Visitors to the channel can already find several important videos that are designed to showcase the changing gaming market across South and Central America.

 According to TVGE’s channel description, “Here you will find a variety of videos showcasing TVGE’s latest corporate news. From the latest stories and articles referencing Product Development additions to our gaming platform to news about our advertising, media and event sponsorship agreements. It’s all here.”

This new addition is one example of TVGE’s commitment to providing a better, transparent customer experience. The company now has a strong social media presence that has been propelled by extensive and rapid growth of its services. TVGE is now also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, all in an effort to give customers and gaming enthusiasts access to the hottest, most important data in the gaming industry. 

The success of TVGE has been brought about, in part, by the huge positive response received by its Betcris subsidiary. This platform operates retail and online gaming facilities throughout Latin America and has quickly taken over as the regional leader. Betcris is now found in Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama and others, and continues to increase its footprint as it attracts more users. 

All of these efforts are commitments from TVGE and Betcris to provide better engagement with the communities they serve. As gaming continues to receive greater attention across the globe, the two companies will be at the forefront of the industry, providing gaming solutions and experiences other platforms aren’t able to bring forward. 

Betcris CEO Jose Duarte explains, “We already have a healthy footprint in LatAm, the strongest in fact. My goal is now to defend this position and strengthen our presence in existing markets while looking to add the ones we were missing due to lack of local regulation.”