TV Global Enterprises (TVGE), the parent company of gaming operator Betcris and a gaming platform innovator in Latin America, is continually exploring ways to enhance its customer-focused operations and has recently completed an upgrade to its website. The site has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality tweaks that allow visitors to see the company’s full range of activity through a cleaner, more efficient layout. It also provides quick and easy access to essential information highlighting TVGE’s continuing efforts to drive gaming market growth in LATAM.

The refreshed website aims to showcase TVGE’s efforts in the gaming industry, as well as provide greater access to Executive Management biographies. It is also an indication of the company’s positive contributions to the gaming space and its commitment to ensuring responsible gaming becomes an integral component of the industry from all participants. The new site includes changes to navigation and a straightforward structure of content, and is designed to allow for better fluidity of data. It is optimized for mobile devices, and the changes introduced are based on feedback received from site viewers.

Luis Montenegro, TVGE’s Director of Corporate Communications, states of the improvements, “We are excited about the release of our new site and believe it effectively showcases what TVGE does. This is another way that we are working to provide the best experience to our gaming platform partners and site visitors.”

The new website offers a clean, modern design, with easy navigation and helpful tools and resources pertaining to TVGE, Betcris and the gaming industry. Through the upgrade, as well as through future growth of the site, the company is establishing itself as an industry leader to deliver consistent, relevant news and resources that are important to individuals directly or indirectly involved in gaming. The site will continuously be updated as needed to meet the changing needs and requirements of the gaming ecosystem.

TVGE strives to not only maintain a strong digital presence, but to exceed customer expectations at all times. This includes providing a fast and reliable website for its users. In addition, with a greater focus on SEO, Google and other search engines will give preference to the site, which means greater positioning in search results and a better user experience for TVGE customers and partners.

TVGE welcomes feedback on the site, as well as the company’s operations, and has several communications channels available. To share questions, comments or concerns, TVGE can be contacted through its various social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – or via email at For more information on TVGE and to view the site, please visit

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